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Our Mission: Stop excessive hair loss,
using our holistic approach and natural products.
Bring your scalp in its healthiest condition and
ensure the growth of strong and healthy hair.
What the Hair and Scalp Clinic of Sarasota Offers
Hair problems can be caused by stress, diet, hygiene and more.
During your free consultation we will go over your nutritional and stress factor, your health history and your life style. All of the above can be contributing factors to your hair and scalp condition.
Your hair and your skin is a reflection of your overall health.
At this time we will also take a look at your hair under the microscope and analyze and evaluate the condition of the roots of your hair. After we determine the true nature of your problem, we will provide a natural therapy, formulated especially for you.
healhty and unhealthy hair
Years of scientific research allowed us to utilize a unique therapy that stops excessive hair loss, and facilitates the growth of stronger and healthier hair. Our treatments unclog hair follicles and eliminate unhealthy build-up on the surface of the scalp which often causes itching, dandruff, and hair loss itself.
Our methods rejuvenate the scalp and allow it to reach its full potential. Therapy is recommended for those who want to reverse an unwanted hair and scalp condition and as a preventative measure to keep your hair as healthy and beautiful as one can have. Treatments include topical applications of naturally formulated solutions and scalp massage, in a very relaxed atmosphere. This unique therapy was brought to the United States from Canada in 1975 and is practiced in a select few clinics in the US.
An-Tech Research Laboratory after successfully serving clients on New York City’s Park Avenue, now for almost a decade, continues its operation in Sarasota.

Our Guarantee:

If you are not satisfied with your progress after the first two weeks,
all your treatment fees will be refunded.

You can look and feel
your best ones again!

Call 941-266-4402 and Treat the Root of Your Hair Loss and Scalp Problems Naturally!

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