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A healthy scalp and your internal wellbeing
are the key factors to stop your hair loss.

Proper Hair Care is Essential to Maintain Your Scalp and Hair in its Best Condition
natural hair treatment products

An-Tech Research Laboratory
offers its unique line of naturally formulated, hypoallergenic products that highlight
the effect of our treatments, promoting health and vitality of your hair every time you use them.

Our hair products can be used on their own,
or for better results in conjunction with
your treatments.

Deep Follicular Cleanser
Designed to penetrate the scalp, dissolve debris of waste elements (oil, perspiration, air pollutants) that clog the hair follicles and cause numerous problems of the scalp and hair.

Herbal Shampoo
Our shampoo is a scientific blend of herbal extracts and other natural ingredients. It gently removes all toxic material from your scalp, cleans and exfoliates the scalp, rebuilds your hair from within.

Crème Rinse
Our hair conditioner restores the look of health to your hair. Natural vitamins and proteins penetrate deep into the hair shaft. Adds luster, body and manageability.

Unique scalp conditioner, enriched with natural anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agents. Provides soothing and refreshing effect to your scalp and additional manageability to your hair.

We are constantly searching for new answers to your hair and scalp problems!

In addition to these products and our customized treatment therapy, we offer naturally formulated, effective and potent liquid formulas for your every day use to enhance the healthy growth and beauty of your hair.


We would like you to know that if you have a busy schedule or
live far away from Sarasota you still can take full advantage
of our therapy and under our supervision give your
hair and scalp the best treatment wherever you are.



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